Misty Meadows

Mohair & Beef Production

In The Beginning

Established by Taryn Lunny in 2015, Misty Meadows is a dreamed about reality. It’s all about finishing calves in an environment of tranquil paddocks, copious natural feed, shelter and hormone free husbandry.

Misty Meadows is for the discerning individual or family who care about the origin of their beef. It’s how the cattle have been treated and then finished by a highly skilled butcher which makes Misty Meadows your answer.

Our Story So Far

Misty Meadows is a bio-dynamic farm producing high quality mohair and organic beef.

Establishing this facility has been a decades-long dream.

Mohair Production

It all started when our owner Taryn bought Bella, a cashmere goat. Taryn quickly discovered her passion for goats and added mohair beauties to the herd, which now consist of three nanny goats, two kids (sadly, the third was too premature to survive), three pregnant does and one wether, and is looking for two more does to add to the herd. All have started producing mohair.

Beef Production

The property is looking good after a less than ideal start and now boasts four cows (two are calves) and until very recently, one steer, Taffy (pictured below).

Taffy was our test pilot so to speak, and he recently met his maker and fed five families with the best beef they’ve ever eaten. References are a work in progress.

The next steps are to purchase 10 healthy calves to raise for meat.

We are almost ready to turn Misty Meadows into a full-time business!

In addition to the goats and cattle, we have lots of free range chickens producing enough eggs to provide to our regular customers (stocks are limited).

All of our animals are raised as nature intended – there are no antibiotics or chemicals of any sort on our farm. As a result, the meat, angora wool and eggs are of excellent quality and there is minimal damage to the environment (apart from their hooves in winter, when the ground is wet).

So more about Phase II – it’s our aim that our customers can purchase their own calf.   We’ll source and grow it, and the owner’s can watch it through it’s lifetime – before we deliver it to their freezers.  As per our Terms of Trade, you must own the animal in full for at least 42 days before it ends its happy life.

Our mission statement is Treating your product like our own.

We farm using bio-dynamic principles and as such, there are no chemicals used on the property. We are not yet demeter certified but do plan to be as soon as possible.


Beef Supply

We purchase quality organically sourced calves of minimum weight, specifically for you and then raise it over 18 months to optimum weight.

You receive regular monthly updates (including photos) of your animal. Even visits to the farm with the kids can be done by appointment, (but don’t let them get too attached!)

Misty Meadows farm is run using bio-dynamic principles and I treat all animals as I would my own.

Did you know?

A female goat is called a doe, a mother goat is called a nanny, and a young goat is called a kid.

An adult male goat may be known as either a buck or a billy. A castrated male goat is a wether.

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